Established in Barcelona, VS Group Europe born to become one of the largest suppliers of raw cotton with focus in trading arm on Brazil. We believe that the country has the capacity to be the most competitive supplier of agriculture in the world, we broadened our engagement in the sector to cotton production and agriculture, building on our established global trading platform.

With dedicated offices in Brazil, Spain, Italia, and Bulgaria, as well as an experienced procurement team, and in-house logistics staff – we not only stay connected to partner origin companies but can also guarantee to deliver what we promise. Our international markets include Europe, India and China.





Sustainable Cotton

Connecting sustainable Brazilian cotton suppliers and end users through integrated sourcing, supply chain, and sales activities.

We work with our customers and other brands as well as governments and development agencies to help create integrated partnerships for supply chains.


Creating Value at the Source

VS Group is a global leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, trading, and distribution of commodities and advanced materials for a broad range of industry sectors.

We are a partner in building integrated, sustainable, regenerative agriculture for circular supply chains. As a global player, we at VS GROUP EUROPE  are committed to making the world a better place.

Global Merchant

With several years of experience helping Agro Businesses to find comprehensive solutions.

We use our global networks in Brazil as in Europe to support the efforts made by the world cotton community. Our partnerships with farmers place us at the start of the supply chain


Agri-Commodity Trading

At VS Group we leverage our expertise as a global merchant, and our extensive network to sustainably source and market agricultural products around the globe, our focus is on creating long-term customer relationships  and partners 

Our team of the experts collectively works round the clock to unlock better opportunities in the cotton industry. 


Our Vision

To be renowned globally for our commitment to the agricultural industry in Brazil.   First VS GROUP EUROPE  start to  register with the main trade associations; ICA, AFCOT, AQSIQ. The Management believes in strong business ethics and strives to maintain the same standards for the benefit of all business partners of VS GROUP EUROPE.

The textile COST  as  raw cotton represents between 50% to 70% of the cost of their finished product.

We are 100% sure that we can help them better manage their purchases  process and bring a great deal of added value.


Our mission

We strive to secure the right quality, right price, and timely delivery of the product for our customers.

Our mission: technological advancement, innovation, scale, and strong partnerships that bring about tangible positive change to the world.

Our goal is always be sustainable and fair value chain from grower to the final consumer.


Our experience


Our Accreditation and Affiliations

ICA, International Cotton Association in Spain (in registration phase)

Centro Algodonero Nacional (in registration phase)

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